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It’s more than just a Puppet!!!!


I believe I first became passionate about puppets when I was a childminder. I found them an invaluable tool to help communicate with children of all ages.


Used in story telling they become much, much more than just a puppet. Children believe in them, they are their perfect pet and their own best friend all rolled into one.

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Children react differently to puppets as opposed to adults speaking directly to them, asking their advice, seeking their approval and take to heart any message given via them.


In education a puppet can help with counting, language and literacy. The puppet can also overcome any issues with regard to speech creating a pressure free space for the voice of a child, it is the puppet that talks not the person and conversation becomes a game not a problem.


After appreciating the value of puppets I then had to teach myself how to use a puppet - not an easy task. I found a good way was to sit in front of a mirror and have a conversation with the puppet. It quickly develops a personality all of its own and becomes alive. My two children thought I was a little strange at first but now can’t wait to join in.


I recognize the power of puppets and how they can be used to get over an important message. For example a child who has problems with bed time routine or being afraid of the dark, the playful puppy can be a night time role model and the child emulates what the puppy does –best practice becomes fun and a joint venture for two.


A puppet can always be trusted to be there.


They can instill confidence in an otherwise shy child and teach them how to express their emotions.


I now use puppets in interactive storytelling, they bring a “story to life” and extends a child’s imagination. There is nothing better than seeing a child’s face light up with wonder and amazement when the puppets come out of my suitcase.


From this I formed my company Puppets, Plays and Story Days and stock a wide range of puppets and educational games. Remember a puppet is not just for Christmas it is a life time of enjoyment, a childhood friend and an asset to education.


Remember a puppet is not just for Christmas,
it is a lifetime of enjoyment, a childhood friend and an asset to education.



Carol Burton

Puppet Plays and Story Days



"I met Carol at a conference where she was displaying a wonderful array of puppets. Subsequently Carol demonstrated to our staff team a range of ways to use the puppets which inspired lots of interest in puppet play. We have gone on to buy a selection of puppets all of which are excellent quality and being used by both practitioners and families alike. The service from Puppets, Plays & Story Days was excellent, I highly recommend them."


Rosy Tebbutt

Locality Children's Centre Manager, York